Queen Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa ACILG is the Founder of Hope4Single Mothers Initiative (dare2dreamagain) and CEO of the QUEEN HADASSAH LEGENDARY

She is MS WORLD UNITED NATIONS Queen Ambassador, the first black African woman to win the Ms United Nations World in New Delhi, India over 51 countries from around the world.

Before Winning the Prestigious Crown, Hadassah has been tagged the “Queen of Compassion”, This is in recognition of her little effort in transforming the lives of over 2000 Girls and underprivileged single mothers within Nigeria, through her GIRLS WITH PURPOSE INITIATIVE. She has also supported several IDP camps, school dropout girls, orphanages, 14 rural communities, 9 secondary schools in Rivers State and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and have reached out to 30 Albinos, 115 visually impaired children and over 18 beauty queens who have been imparted her humanitarian activities . She is the Director General of SDGs and Tourism Affairs Queens Connect Africa, as well as the Nigerian Regional Coordinator of the Chartered Institute of Leadership and Governance USA.

Queen Hadassah is known for her passion to add value to humanity and reach a large network of young people with a focus on teenagers, beauty queens and women helping them find their true purpose, especially the under privileged single teenage mothers and their children giving them hope and support to navigate the challenges that comes with single motherhood so they can achieve personal greatness and become an agent of change in the nation.

Hadassah is the Ambassador to Sickle cell Interactive and management association and project manager at LGBS Medical Tourism services UAE.

she is a social entrepreneur, and beauty consultant.

She loves children, enjoys photography, makeup artistry, traveling and tourism.

Hadassah Ibinyingi Gloriana Allaputa

Ms World United Nations
Teens Coach


Queen Hadassah’s purpose is to SERVE AND SAVE the nation through humanitarian services, bringing the reality of HOPE AND PEACE to families.
Her mission is to be trained and to train young people who will carry on the legacy of service to humanity for their nation.


Beauty transcends the physical. It’s a call to strategic leadership, responsibilities and the ability to persevere under tough conditions and prevail. It’s a commitment to care about people and the heart to genuinely love, but above all, the grace and favour you find when you know you are God’s transcendent light and a symbol of hope for your immediate environment, community and nation.




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